Virtual Retail tours
If you were searching online for a shop to visit, how would you decide where to go?

The Tile & Bathroom Warehouse
Customer Feedback

Thanks James for creating our online VR tour, it looks great! Allows our customers to browse all the departments in our music shop easily, hopefully enticing them to visit us! Completed in good time, very happy with the result.

- Sophie Barnfield, Marketing Manager, Mickleburgh Instruments

Superb consultation and delivery from James. Really grasped our business concept and what we wanted to deliver. An enjoyable experience whilst adding value to my business!

- Mark Daveridge, Owner, The Tile & Bathroom Warehouse

Imaging retail spaces online

When it comes to showing off a retail space, photos don’t always tell the whole picture. Badly shot images will undersell your shop and put prospective visitors off.
Conversely, we’ve spoken with businesses who’ve complained that overly staged images have oversold their shop.
What’s more, customers are likely to see only a small handful of your products before navigating elsewhere or making a purchasing decision.

The Whole Picture

That’s why shops and retail stores are adopting virtual tours. These are streetview-style interactive tours within your shop or retail store. Visitors to your website can click around to really get the whole picture and see what’s on offer, discovering products as if they were really in your store.
Pointing out products through annotations
With OnlineVR, audiences can discover the products you sell, themselves. Whether it’s high-volume point of sale lines you want to publicise, or one off exclusives they’re unlikely to see elsewhere. These take the form of pulsing icons within the virtual tour. When a visitor clicks, your product information pops up. Additionally, customers can even buy products they discover whilst touring your shop online.

Your virtual tour in 4 easy steps

1) We meet to discuss the areas of your production you wish to engage consumers in, and the informative content you want to help tell your product’s story.
2) We visit your premises with the highest resolution, professional 360 photography system available to capture your production site in approximately 1 hour.
3) We then present you with a draft virtual tour before consulting with you to create the bespoke interactive content that helps bring your product’s origin story to life, embedding text, photos, and any content you wish.
4) Finally we work with or in place of your web developers to add the virtual tour to your website and any other places you wish to share it.