Virtual Production Tours
If you wanted to find out how your food was made, where would you go to look?

Customer Feedback

At Pukka Herbs we work hard to ensure our entire range is produced organically, ethically and in a sustainable way. We wanted an engaging and innovative way to show our stockists our production story, and having worked with Online VR previously for a virtual tour of our new offices, felt like they could help us achieve this.
The Virtual Production Story tour featured 360 images of our key production stages as well as a map of the tour process and interactive popouts, which meant our target audience were able to learn about our Fair for Life and sustainability credentials in a fun and interactive way.
James and Online VR worked incredibly hard visiting and coordinating with our multiple sites and partners to produce our virtual tour and really seemed to get what we were trying to achieve.

- Tony Pottrell, IT Manager, Pukka Herbs Ltd

Consumers buy clarity

Consumers are more aware than ever of the ethical practises of who they buy from, and are demanding clarity from producers.

“When purchasing food products, 8 in 10 shoppers check the origin, and 1 in 3 UK consumers claim to be very concerned about issues regarding the origin of products .” Provenance, 2018.

Engaging consumers with the right facts and information is a real challenge, and whilst photos and videos help, both can feel staged.

A clear solution

We specialise in making immersive virtual tours, that allow online audiences to feel as if they are touring your farm, kitchens, factories or suppliers in person, helping them feel empowered and informed.
Through interactive customisable popout boxes, viewers get to discover and learn about your sustainability efforts, any certifications you hold, such as FairTrade and Organic, and ethical practises that help set you apart, in a gamified and interactive way.

A virtual tour in 4 steps

1) We meet to discuss the areas of your production you wish to engage consumers in, and the informative content you want to help tell your product’s story.
2) We visit your premises with the highest resolution, professional 360 photography system available to capture your production site in approximately 1 hour.
3) We then present you with a draft virtual tour before consulting with you to create the bespoke interactive content that helps bring your product’s origin story to life, embedding text, photos, and any content you wish.
4) Finally we work with or in place of your web developers to add the virtual tour to your website and any other places you wish to share it.