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Customer Feedback

Online VR brought Viva!’s 3D VR video of a British pig farm to a whole new level by massively improving the footage. I would recommend James to everyone who is looking for a VR company who walks the extra mile for their customers and delivers excellent products. It was a pleasure to work with James.

- L. Hellwig, Campaigner & Outreach Worker, Viva!

Engaging an audience

When it comes to engaging audiences, traditional videos don’t always tell the whole story.
You might want your audience to feel as if they’re right in the action themselves, flying above your business and able to look all around, or able to explore and discover a naturally engaging dynamic environment such as an exhibition, presentation you’re live-streaming, or event.

The Whole Picture

Our incredibly high quality, professionally shot 360 (minimum 6K) videos put your audiences right where the action is happening, allowing them to explore a dynamic scene as it unfolds, either live, or pre-recorded. Our videos use the latest in 360 sound and graphics to direct attention to where it’s wanted and needed, and can be viewed in browsers like this, and with VR (virtual reality) headsets.

Your 360 video in 3 easy steps

1) We visit or call at a time that’s convenient to plan your 360 video to discuss the graphics, effects, sounds and format (i.e. Browser or VR Headset) needed to best tell your story.
2) We bring our high resolution (we shoot in 6K minimum) professional 360 camera solution to you and film.
3) Then, in careful consultation with yourself, we stitch, correct, colour and edit together your 360 video, adding in any effects and graphics to help get your message across.