Integrated 360 Business Tours

Bring customers to your business, virtually

Online VR is a Google Trusted Streetview photography service specialising in producing stunningly high resolution 360° Virtual tours of businesses.A Google streetview tour ensures your business appears on Google Maps and Google Streetview, increasing your search engine rankings and number of site visits via the google network.

Audiences can view our virtual tours on their PC, Mac, Android and Apple devices, moving their phones about to explore your space as if they were there. We can enhance your 360° virtual tour with interactive elements such as Call to action buttons, Add to cart functions for ecommerce sites, and we can even add sounds, photos and videos to areas of your 360° virtual tours.

Image Capture

Your Virtual business tour is captured using the highest resolution professional 360° photography equipment on the market and we construct a VR tour from these images. The key to ensuring your business looks stunning is the incredibly high resolution of our imaging capture system, if you like megapixels, our images clock in at over 100M each. That’s over 10x the resolution of a 4K television and 3x to 6x higher than the best DSLRs!

Easy Intuitive Navigation

We link multiple 360° images of your business together to form the final product; a 360° VR tour of your business that allows viewers to explore your space, view by view, room by room. Viewers intuitively look around by either moving their smartphone, or click & drag if they’re on a Mac or PC. To move from one part of the VR tour to another, viewers simply tap on the navigation arrows embedded in the scenes. It feels easy because it is easy.

How to See Your VR Tour

Most websites are visited on mobile devices. Unfortunately in the past, VR tours were difficult to access with Apple products such as ipads and iphones. Our VR tours and their interactive features work brilliantly whether being viewed on Android, iphone, PC, Mac or for the ultimate in immersion, with a Virtual Reality headset such as the HTC Vive or the Samsung Gear VR.

Where to Show Your VR Tour

We'll take care of adding your tour to Google Streetview and Google Maps, but your tour can also be embedded on yourwebsite too. Interactive VR content that responds to phone movement is inherently engaging, and keeps customers interested and on your site for longer, which improves your SEO. Our VR tours are incredibly easy to add to all websites including standard HTML5 sites and homemade template sites like Wix and Wordpress. Our video tours are also able to be added to LinkedIn profiles, uploaded to Facebook to form an engaging ad campaign and pretty much anywhere you can put an iframe.

Interactive Fantastic

Did we mention our 360° tours are a whole new level of interactive? We don’t just mean navigating between areas. Features that can be included are: animated information boxes, calls to action such as “call now” buttons, videos, music, still images, open URLs, and we feel the most exciting feature; Buy now/add to cart buttons.

VR and E-commmerce

We’ve all seen the immense power of impulse buying out in the real world - Yes 100,000 candlepower torch that is repeatedly purchased from petrol stations, thinking of you - but replicating that online is time-consuming, is normally limited to just a few items and often feels crude and predictable. Now, imagine you need to buy an LED light bulb, you visit an online lighting store, the page opens on a VR tour of the shop and you find yourself discovering a range of brushed metal switches, funky LED bulbs and an incredible looking tripod lamp you never realised existed, or you needed, until you discovered it for yourself.

360° Video Tours

Sometimes a business’ story is better told by a 360° video than a static 360° photo tour. For example if you offer adventurous activities where the excitement is in the movement! We have extensive in-house video production experience and our work has taken us across the world; from the streets of India to the glaciers of New Zealand. Highly experienced, we are used to filming in challenging environments to deliver outstanding results.We love what we do and are always looking for new companies to work with.

Preparing for a VR Tour

We aim to take care of as much as possible. Following an initial visit to establish your requirements, we try and shoot at a time that’s convenient for your business. Once we have finished producing the tour we are happy to liaise with your web developer directly to add the tour to your website. Our 360° tours are straightforward enough to upload onto social media but we are always at the end of the phone-line if you need us. You will want to ensure the area to be imaged looks as lovely as possible; 360° cameras are terrible liars.

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